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WHO IS Sustainable Monterey Bay?

SUSTAINABLE MONTEREY BAY (SMB) is a non-profit sustainable community development team proposing high-density cluster "Transit EcoVillages" along the Union Pacific rail corridor between Santa Cruz and Monterey. Opportunity sites have been identified to create low-cost sustainable housing, meaningful lifework and clean alternative transportation, (the SolTrain).

We are working on a sustainable transportation plan and market rate affordable housing at Ft Ord in Marina. We are also exploring sites along the Union Pacific rail corridor for building ecovillage housing with rooftop gardens, solar and wind energy, water collection systems, on-site daycare, multimedia centers, etc. Developers are welcome to explore joint venture projects with us.

Transit ecoVillage Goals

At Transit ecoVillages, our focus is

1) Locals First! - moderate income residents forced out of local housing market

2) Building a Sense of Community with resident owners (knowing each other
before construction) ,

3) Work-at-home opportunities with on-site day and community work spaces,
identifying a Life Passion and Networking team

4) Clean alternative transportation options: downtown locations near buslines,
walk or bike pathways, community owned electric car rentals and the SolTrain
if approved by local jurisdictions.


We are seeking volunteers and interns to work in our Santa Cruz, California location. We seek interested joint venture partners, probate developers, environmental consultants, community planners, investors and landowners to join our quest for affordable sustainable housing, meaningful lifework opportunities and clean alternative transportation solutions.

Interested parties can write: SUSTAINABLE MONTEREY BAY at 314 Laurel Street, Santa Cruz CA 95060 or call (831) 425-0116, Ted Lahti Executive Director.

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Links to Other Sites: Early Soltrain work

For Transit EcoVillage Information : (831) 425-0116